Google ha recentemente rimosso 22 applicazioni malware dal Market Android. Le applicazioni in questione, notate dalla società di sicurezza Lookout e mirate agli utenti Adroid in Europa, utilizzano i permessi accordati per mandare sms a servizi a pagamento o sfruttano altre funzionalità dei nuovi smartphone per prelevare dati personali o per altri scopi fraudolenti.

Lookout ha detto che Google si è affrettata a rispondere alle notifiche e a rimuovere le 22 applicazioni, che fortunatamente sono state scaricate da poche persone.

Questa paura per i malware su Android ha portato Ben Rudolph, Manager del Team Windows Phone 7, a fare un interessante offerta attraverso Twitter agli utenti Android che hanno subito disagi a causa dei malware.

Rudolph, lunedì scorso, ha twittato, “More malware on Android! Been hit? Share yr #droidrage story to win a #windowsphone upgrade. 5 best (worst?) win!” and later “Been nailed with Android malware and have #Droidrage? Share [your] story with me … you might win an upgrade to a #windowsphone!”

Visto il successo dell’iniziativa e i ben 1500 tweet di risposta Ben ha deciso di regalare non 5, ma 25 smartphone Windows Phone, a sua discrezione. A seguire la lista dei tweet vincitori, alcuni molto divertenti, altri meno.

  1. Jon404: @BenThePCGuy I’m sick of drinking the Apple Kool-aid! I need some Mango to take the taste away
  2. mattymorgs: @BenThePCGuy with #iOS still stuck on its bubbly look from 5 years ago,#windowsphone is the true ‘Think Different’ of UI style today.
  3. jdnorthwest: @BenThePCGuy As a frustrated #DearBlackberry user I was shopping the [email protected] yesterday for a #windowsphone
  4. sweeneyben: @BenThePCGuy #DearBlackberry my Storm2 was great if I went back in time, but is so outdated, with poor service. I want to go back to Windows
  5. joegaus: @BenThePCGuy i want a #windowsphone because only Beyoncé Knowles’ beauty can compare to those DAMN SEXY LIVETILES
  6. jubbing: @BenThePCGuy #dearblackberry I want to use a phone where I can check my emails any time of the.. week. Sincerely, annoyed guy
  7. jacobdfriedman: @benthepcguy I want to switch because even eight years later, iTunes for windows is a clunky, crashy mess.
  8. chrisemmerson: Dear @BenThePCGuy how about u convert a beloved fruity phone lover & user with well world travelled phone from his free upgrade from the 4s?
  9. salamahoy: @BenThePCGuy I got the new BlackBerry 9900. It’s been so problematic, I’ve thrown it against the wall. Now I have no phone. #DearBlackberry
  10. ChamatkariBaba: @BenThePCGuy BB served as a paper weight for last 3 days and from now onwards I plan to use it that way only
  11. mattymorgs: @BenThePCGuy with #iOS still stuck on its bubbly look from 5 years ago, #windowsphone is the true ‘Think Different’ of UI style today.
  12. KTownGMG: @BenThePCGuy My Blackberry has been dropping calls and really, this is it for me…..PLUS METRO…is one word…METRO! SEND ME A PHONE!!!!
  13. jsteig: @BenThePCGuy I would love my BlackBerry if it didn’t crash daily and if I could install applications w/o it dropping to a crawl
  14. TGProof: @BenThePCGuy also, I use my phone for business and school, without proper function it made contact very difficult. #UpgradeMeToWindowsPhone
  15. phonomatik: @BenThePCGuy Hey Guy! Ok, iOS is lame. WP7 is much better. I like the hubs and tiles, they have a good structure. All Apps are good sorted.
  16. mikehc: @BenThePCGuy I don’t have a BB, have a Pre. But I’m equally frustrated… Do I have a chance to win a WP7?
  17. lazejanev: @BenThePCGuy I would like WP7 phone, because I want to transfer my enterprise knowledge on a mobile platform.Android and iOS are not for ERP
  18. Cri5_09: @BenThePCGuy I want a Windows Phone 7.5 because Mango beats Apples, berries, sandwitches or any other fruit/nut available.
  19. ijoostin: @BenThePCGuy I have an iPhone, but I want to see the world! I want to see what others see the future as. Apple’s can’t be the only vision!
  20. qkns: Hi @BenThePCGuy, I’m the BB admin I have 2 give status updates counsel unhappy users & stay const. up 2 date on this mess. I want OFF BB!
  21. erickmagnus: @BenThePCGuy RIM just don’t respect customers. They take 2 days just to inform “we are working on this”! I want a #windowsphone!
  22. Chipstopher: @BenThePCGuy Dunno if you’re still giving away Windows Phones, but Id switch to Windows Phone gladly. At this point I wanna phone that works
  23. MrJoeSterne: @benthepcguy man, updating to iOS 5 was worse than installing windows- by a long shot!
  24. Xadacka: @BenThePCGuy sick of it crashing, rebooting, slowing down… nice wp7 device sure would make things easier on me!
  25. finntannermom: @BenThePCGuy to save a marriage! I cannot reach my husband need a #windowsphone #DearBlackberry>

Dopodichè Rudolph ha risposto:

So here’s what I’ll be doing from now on; send your story about why you want (or need) a Windows Phone to my Ben the PC Guy email address. Do you need it for work, and can’t live without our built-in Office features? Are you a social butterfly and love the fact that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are baked right in? Do you drool over the beauty of live tiles? Whatever the reason is, I want to hear about it. Every month, I’ll select a story that I think is unique and compelling and I’ll get that person a Windows Phone. A few weeks later, I’ll catch up with the winner and post a blog on how their new Windows Phone has changed their life

Considerando il grande successo dell’iniziativa, Microsoft ha deciso di ripeterla, con dimensioni più ridotte, tutti i mesi. Per partecipare basta mandare una mail a Ben Rudolph tramite il suo canale twitter spiegano il motivo per cui desiderano vincere uno smartphone Windows Phone 7. I vincitori, dopo qualche settimana di utilizzo, dovranno poi scrivere un articolo su come la loro vita sia cambiata dopo aver visto il cellulare Microsoft.

Che ne pensate dell’iniziativa?

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