a popolare applicazione Titanium Backup si aggiorna e raggiunge la versione 4.8.4 con interessanti novità, la priam tra queste è la possibilità di sfruttare i 50Gb offerti dal servizio Box.net per memorizzare i propri Backup on-line.
Con questa nuova versione tutti gli utenti PRO di Titanium Bacnkuo potranno memorizzare i propri Backup on-line senza doverli salvare sulla memoria interna del proprio dispositivo. Le novità di questa versione sono:

  • [PRO] Added support for syncing backups to Box (Box.net) cloud storage.
  • [PRO] Added new “Auto-integrate sys Dalvik into ROM” option.
  • Improved app freezer to be ICS-friendly by default. This resolves the problem where apps couldn’t be defrosted on Samsung ICS devices. The freezing method can be changed in Preferences -> Troubleshooting settings.
  • Improved “Power defrost” which is fully compatible with ICS now. This allows Samsung ICS users to defrost anything, including apps that were frozen by previous TB versions.
  • Fixed incorrect display of apps that were disabled by ICS.
  • Fixed FC in case of connectivity problems while uploading backups to Box.
  • Added new “Move app data to/from SD card” batch jobs for Data2SD users (requires an ext2/3/4 partition that is auto-mounted on boot).
  • Improved integration of system app updates to check the free space on ROM before proceeding.
  • Fixed a bug with ongoing notifications not disappearing on Android 1.6 and earlier.
  • Fixed a bug where TB wanted to restart itself even if the backup location didn’t change.
  • Updated translations.
  • Minor bugfixes
Potete scaricare Titanium Backup dai link sottostanti, ricordandovi che necessita dei permessi di Root per funzionare.
Ti invieremo un' email a settimana, puoi cancellare l'iscrizione in qualunque momento.

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